CNC Wire Bending Machines

Several models for wire diameters from 3 mm to 16 mm are available, both for 2D and 3D parts. .All incorporate the latest technology and are designed for speed, reliability at an affordable price. 

Programming can be accomplished at the touch screen or a keyboard and mouse or downloaded from discs or from a network. The easy and extremely operator-friendly, but very sophisticated and powerful software is based on a Microsoft Windows operating system, and designed for inexperienced shop floor personnel. 

The machines come network-ready for down or up-loading files, remote monitoring, remote programming and remote diagnostics. This feature will also help our service personnel to quickly support you if ever there is a need, possibly saving an expensive trip to your facility. 

The machines feature the latest electronic advancements. Drives and controllers are based on Sercos interface technology. The machines are fully electric, with pneumatic sub-systems, if necessary. There is no hydraulic system on the machines, which generally are slow and leak prone. 

Since Mang, a US company, designs and builds the machines right here in Matthews, NC, customer requests can be considered and incorporated if necessary. The same is true for the software features, as all programming is done in-house. 

The 3D Machines have 4 to 6 or more programmable axis, allowing them to produce even the most complicated wire parts. They incorporate features that few other machines offer. 

The table size on the 2D Machines can be made to accommodate the customer's range of parts. Flexibility is a key feature of the Mang Machines. The table tilts from flat to 60 degrees, to bend short parts that evacuate off the inclined table, or larger parts, such as frames, that need to be bent on a horizontal table because of their size. 

All wire bending machines can be incorporated into a complete production system and delivered turn-key.

Mang customers can expect to have innovative machines and equipment available that will always be at the forefront of design and engineering and performance, yet very, very affordable -- for the large company as well as the smaller shop buying the first CNC Bender. 


As important as the quality of the machines is the service and support after the machine has been delivered. The customer can count on an almost lifelong assistance, be that for on-site service or assistance by telephone or for the evaluation of new parts and support for programming and tooling issues. 


•  Recoilers
•  Mill, Drill and Chamber Attachments
•  Cold Headers - In-Line or Stand-Alone
•  Feeders - In-Line with other machines or Stand-Alone.
•  Custom Engineered Equipment - Automatic or Hand-Fed

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2D CNC Wire Forming Machines
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3D CNC Wire Forming Machines
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Wire Forming Machines
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