Feeders For Wire Bending Machines
Wire Feeder.jpg

Our Feeder Units are designed to be attached to any machine-presses, break presses or other applications.

Our Feeder Units Come Standard With:

•  Servo Driven Feed Rolls, Programmable.
•  Length Encoder -

This will detect a slip in Feed Rolls in case of oily or slippery wire.

•  HMI (Human Machine Interface) for Programming:
        - Length of Parts
        - Feed Speed
        - Operation of Unit such as opening and closing
           Feed Roll, Start/Stop
        - Part Storage With Programs/Recipies
        - Operation Modes: Jog, Manual, Automatic

•  Signal Inputs/Outputs From/To Machine It Is Connected To.
Height from floor is based on machine it is connected to.

Options Unit Can Be Equipped With:
       - Straightener
       - Cutter (Servo Driven or Optional Pneumatic)

We also engineer and build Units specifically for your applications and purposes.