Company Profile

Founded in 1988, the company was initially engaged in servicing and maintaining equipment sold and built by others, mostly of European origin. Then Mang began to design and build specialized production machines, automation equipment and robots for 3-shift production for custom applications. For the past 20 years, Mang Systems has been in the wire forming machinery industry. Initially servicing CNC wire bending equipment sold by others, the company began to sell and service CNC wire bending machines it imported from Europe, throughout North America. 

A decision was made to design, engineer and build our own line of CNC Wire Bending Machines in our facility in Monroe then Matthews, North Carolina, incorporating all the experience and expertise gained with CNC Wire Bending Machines. 

It is our goal to design and manufacture reliable and highly productive CNC Wire Benders incorporating the latest technologies, but at a very cost-effective price, affordable even for smaller companies. Since we are the designers and manufacturer of the machines, we are able to adapt our equipment to your specific requirement, if needed. 

To provide the best after-sales service to our customers and assist them with production, programming and technical advice on a life long basis.

We manufacture and offer a full range of CNC Wire Bending Machines, Accessories, Auxiliary Equipment and Automation for even the most complicated wire fabrication application -- be it for a single machine or a fully integrated manufacturing cell.


All industries that require forming and bending of wire, 
both round and profiled: 
•  Wire formed products manufacturers           
•  Job Shops 
•  Point-of-Purchase product manufacturers     
•  Spring makers 
•  Automotive                                                
•  Agricultural 
•  Machinery                                                 
•  Lawn and Garden 
•  White Goods                                             
•  Material Handling 
•  Any Other Application